I Got Smooth Liquidations

I am working on a fucking masterpiece. A couple, actually. Who's to say they'll ever be completed, but they sure add to the relatively sparse decor of my room. My gosh.

Some musicy people I've been gettin' down to recently:
Ty Segall (what a fucking dreamboat)
Betty Davis (hot black funkboat)
Lykke Li (one a' them europeans)
Cake (a resurgence)
The Doors (holy shit!)
Feist (cute)

What I've learned, however, is that The Shins are still my favorite band in the entire fucking world. They're what I listen to when I'm not in the mood to dance and I need to retreat into the log cabin by the serene lake of my soul, so to speak. I don't know why this is. A Zen thing or whatever, I guess.

One of the nicest things about tall guys is being hugged by them. They pretty much have to bend themselves in half to reach you, but in doing so they form this cocoon-like space that blocks out sight and sound. It's pretty rad, all in all. Being hugged by not-so-tall guys is pretty awesome too, but they can never be the chrysallis to the caterpillar-state of your mind. You know, when you feel ugly and unhappy and then BOOM a tall guy hugs you and you emerge as a slightly less unhappy-type butterfly-thing. Or something. Whatevs.

Looks like party season is coming up. Like, tonight. One tonight, one tomorrow night, one next weekend...it's time to pull out the nice clothes I never wear to work or school. But not the super nice clothes that I don't want to get beer or vomit on. Definitely not those. What happens is, I spend months gradually collecting pretty things that I figure I'll never wear, and then I usually don't, not even to parties and such, because they always seem too nice even for social outings. But this time I'm determined to look damn fine!


Check It

Before you wreck it. Word.

Jobs are fun.


Pizza Logic

For some reason, I always expect a slice of pizza to be around about two bucks. Three, at the most. I don't know what long-gone decade I inhabited in a past life, because a decent slice of pizza with enough stuff on it to fill me up can cost up to six, and it's hard to imagine when pizza slices were ever actually cheap. I kinda subconciously put it into the same category as hot dogs. Basic food one picks up on the go; depending on where each is obtained, it could satisfy a craving or give you food poisoning. BASIC! Shouldn't a slice be cheap? No? I can't even get a decent, non-food-poisony slice of cheese for under four bucks. Well, technically I can, but if I want anything else on it, I best be prepared to shell out some more dough. Totally not fair, pizza people, not at all.

Like, last night, I went with a couple friends to a nice place in the neighborhood. The slice I got had like, pesto, onion, some kind of meat, regular cheese, feta, everything. So. Good. Filled me up. Made me want a whole pizza of it. BUT. It was $6.00. What. Plus tip. What. When I compare that slice with a sandwich or a burrito or a salad or sushi or whatever, I think, yeah, that's not bad. But when I think of it in terms of my pizza logic, I'm like what.the.fuck. I just paid seven bucks for ONE slice of PIZZA!

Clearly this is a deep psychological issue for me. One that is making me hungry even as I recover from a big-ass bowl of spaghetti.


Being Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking Does Not Excuse Cheesy Eyeliner.

And I'm talking to you, Jared Leto, you sexy beast. You cheesy son of a bitch.


By god, he was one hot boy in My So-Called Life. One of my roommates has gotten me into that; she also induced me to watch Se7en.

Brad Pitt, suddenly you appeal to me as you never have before.

Damn, what a chiseled face of a man. I think I'm falling prey to screen boys. Damn them and their perfect facial contours and perfect beautiful bodies and perfect lighting and makeup. Seriously, what's the deal? How does the world function? Like, for real?


Life Is Funny And Sad

Whoo, got some of my money back from da guv'm'nt. That was awfully decent of them, wasn't it?

Found out today one of the regulars at my work is named Adam. This may surprise some people, but I haven't actually known too many Adams in my lifetime. I've known of them, but never really spoken to any. This time it was pretty neat, since I've talked to him when he comes in and he's cool. But, thank god, neither of us tried to make a real joke about Adam and Eve. Hur hur hur. There have only been a few people who tried to make a joke like that at me, like, hey, where's Adam? hey, why'd you eat the apple? Etc.

The end of school be fast approaching, arrrgh. The one class I want to take in the summer is completely full, so I'll have to crash and squeeze my way in by assassinating a couple of other students (I just watched Kill Bill for the first time last night, so bear with me). One of my friends and coworkers was telling me how she couldn't get into any of the five classes she wanted for next fall, because they're all full. That's ridiculous, that people pay good money for college and they're not even gauranteed a spot in the classes they need or want. How's a woman supposed to get an education, huh?

If anyone's wondering, I finished that essay. I stopped stressing about a week before it was due. ya wut.

Oh, and Feist is sooooo good! (teen girl squad voice)