I Don't Need To Read Playgirl: I Just Look Out My Window

I figure I had to have been a gay black man in my last life. Case in point: "Hay baby, how YOU doin'? Damn, you lookin' foine as hell!" is usually what I'm thinking when I see a very attractive young man. It's very hard not to say it out loud. Hopefully when I'm old and approaching senility, I'll actually be able to get away with it.

Plus I have a very strong preference for afros and '70s-era swagger. My contribution from my current life is my appreciation of grungy sk8er boiz. It's an odd mashup, but it works for me.

The fact that I almost completely objectify the opposite sex will probably be more easily accepted when I'm old, and my grandkids think I'm just trying to embarrass them. If they only knew.