Male Singers Are Another Matter

As a woman unable to sing, I am consequently very picky about the female singers I listen to, and as a result of that, I hate most of the ones I've heard. They have lollipop voices, they sound insincere, they are trying too hard, they can't actually sing, but they're marketable in other ways. Madonna can't sing, but she was and is still a marketable figure whom designers love to fling clothes on. If you really want a list of the women whose voices I admire as a woman who cannot sing, here you go:

LaVern Baker
Etta James
Aretha Franklin
Edith Piaf
Amy Winehouse
Courtney Love
Linda Perry
Victoria Legrand

In other words I appreciate female vocalists who put some real shit into their music. They sing fully, heart soul and diaphragm. If you ask me, these women can sing.