We're Talking 'Bout Equality

As in: Not Simply Passing The Torch

You can't go around thrusting your chest out, grabbing your balls, and otherwise asserting your manful manliness for hundreds of thousands of years and then all of a sudden decide it's much easier (and sexier, apparently) to let the woman make the first move. Not that I want a big, hairy Viking to throw me over his shoulder and run through a burning village waving a double-headed battleaxe, but seriously? Some of you just come off like total pussies. You guys spent most of written history telling us women to get back in the kitchen and to stop backseat driving and suddenly asking one of us out is just too difficult? Here's a deal: I'll man up when you do. If I'm not worth the effort, then you probably aren't, either.


Old Times

I kinda miss the days when the only cameras I had were a Polaroid and a Konica Autoreflex TC. I can't figure out how I managed to correctly expose so many of the shots I took on my Konica when I didn't even know the first thing about f-stops. Someone tried to explain depth of field and ISO to me, but that was about it (100=bright sun, 400=indoors, 800=low light). I must have also been quicker at shooting, because a lot of the people I shot were self conscious and likely to hide themselves with enough warning, but I still managed to capture their uncertainty. Plus I had more options for portraits, both with people and settings.

Looking over my old photos, I wish I still possessed the exuberance of a total n00b.