I Can't Make Up My Mind

Which one do I pick?? Maybe I'll have them fight over me, and just pick the winner. Yeah. That'll work.


English Mastication

If it isn't already, unicorn should be an official term for anything that is singularly difficult to find. I'm going to use it from now on and start a revolution that will actually accomplish something, namely, usage of the term "unicorn" being defined as anything that is singularly difficult to find.


Occupying Time And Space

Despite how long individual school days are, the semester's going by damn quick. Then the summer will come and I'll have a couple months to work and hopefully save up money and relax with my friends and go outside for once. I like the cold, but toward the end of January I start wishing the sun would come out. I think, "Please, please come out soon, I promise, this time I'll actually go outside!" I'm sorely craving that vitamin D. Plus it'd be nice to wear skirts and sandals again.

I've been fucking busy lately!


Hair, What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

I'm so tempted to grow my hair out long again.

It's like getting another hamster.

You tell yourself, this time, I'll do better! I'm more experienced, I know how to take care of it right! I won't let it die this time!

Okay, it's more like life in general.

And like life, my hair doesn't like being tamed. Given any length, it likes getting out of hand. It likes being barbaric. It likes going here, taking you there, exploding in my face. It gets curly, wavy, and downright straight all at once. For a while it was dark, dark brown, and now suddenly it's light, almost chesnut, almost goldish.

But this time, I'll do better. I'll do right by you, hair.


My Little Kookenhaken!

I have a new hero and his name is Jonathan Richman and his band was the Modern Lovers.


And MY Gene Pool

While watching H&G channel..

Mom: Do you think that guy's gay?

Eve: Totally.

Mom: How come?

Eve: Well, the white v-neck, the way he squats..the scruffiness. I dunno, he just seems like a bear.

Mom: What? What's a bear?

Eve: (casual) ....You know, a top.

Mom: What??

I think her reaction had more to do with me admitting knowledge of sexual positioning than anything else. I almost mentioned power-bottoms too, but I thought better of it.